Saturday, February 14, 2009

Struggling With the MS - thanks Emma for your Help

We got through another day.
Alternating trying to sleep and trying to rest in the recliner.
Still lots of nerve pain on the left side,
Also very limited ability to move and movement causes more intense pain.
Even resting there is nerve pain.
I find myself unable to read due to my visual problems too.
This is the pits if you will forgive my complaining.

Emma continues to be helpful.
She is retrieving things, getting the blanket (often)
Greg is taking her in and outside as needed
Mostly she wants to be at my side.
A few friends with MS called and their support is helpful.
Greg is so busy helping me along with Emma.
I don't want to be a burden but am so limitied in what I can do.

I need to be patient and optimistic that things will improve
The MS Dr prescribed a high dose of Neurontin
They say it will take over three days for it to be in my system
They say it will be Thursday or Friday before we know how much it will help

I sure didn't know that MS could be this extremely painful
The nurse said oh yes it can be
The interesting thing will be
what improvement in movement I see once their is not this bad pain
I am hoping to be pain free eventually? Hope so
Wondering if the movement limitations will improve also
I am dragging my left side but this is not a stroke
Good thing I was checked by a doctor

I am sorry if this is boring to read
Greg is being so helpful as I can do so little for myself.
I think my son Danny is coming over tomorrow to hang out
and do some laundry (Sunday)
My husband has to work at least half day (Monday) so I think my son Michael and Rosa will come over.
By then I hope to be able to cope alone.

One day at a time...trying to cope....Mary and Emma

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Logan said...

Sorry you're struggling and missed the Couples Weekend. Rest up!