Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Family Came Over

I am coping better today and the pain though still significant has decreased. My children all came over today. We found various ones were coming so Greg agreed to make dinner for whoever was available. They all came for dinner. I love that. Their company cheered me up, offered distraction, and I love listening to their conversations. I could sit at the table which was a nice result of less pain.

Most the time I sleep in bed or am in the recliner. Not always sleeping but trying to relax to handle this better. I think the pills are helping but I have a ways to go. Tomorrow Monday Greg goes in around noon and works into the evening. My friend Tonya is coming over to provide company and support. Het young teen daughter Mary Kate is coming too. I think it will be enjoyable. They plan to stay awhile and are the type I can say I need to sleep and go lay down without feeling uncomfortable. They would like to stay till Greg gets home but we will see how the time goes.

I always enjoy being with my family. Lily came too - my granddog. Rosa was cute but was entertained by others. I could not hold her or play on the floor. I did get a hug though.

Hope you have a good day....Emma got outside many times today which was good for her. It will help that Tonya and Mary Kate can take her outside for me tomorrow. (Monday).

Wishing you a good day...Emma and Mary

Thanks so much for the email and good wishes and prayers....

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