Monday, February 9, 2009


This is a picture of Boomer - my beloved dog that was our family "pet". You can see he taught me that dogs like to snuggle.
When I was first home with MS it was so weird to be home alone. I didn't have the MS swim yet. I also was very sick with MS. Much worse than I am with this flare up. I even was hospitalized. Boomer taught me so much about what a dog can do to be of help to you. His first owner even took him to work. His owner sadly died of cancer. Then her friend took him and she also got very sick. Boomer learned through it all too be attentive.

Boomer had what i call a "Lassie Moment". Before my really big flare up with MS I started walking in the morning before going to work teaching. Well my walking already was not great. it was very early and I stumbled and fell. To my surprise I couldn't get myself up. Boomer was at my side. I saw the newspaper delivery van. Boomer without me saying a word ran over to get the driver (I had dropped the leash) The driver came to my rescue. I learned to use a cane, to walk only when people were around and how fantastic a dog can be.

Boomer also liked naptime. Just like Emma. Boomer taught me how comforting a dog can be. I don't know how to detail it but I guess he showed me little ways he could be helpful too...though of course not well trained like a service dog. i cried so much when we had to put Boomer down. I thought I would never get another dog it hurt so bad. He was a breeding mistake. At the breeder the goal was Tibetian terror but gosh the mix was with an American Eskimo. He looked more like and American Eskimo but with a different coloring. His color was more beautiful than shown here.

I often think of how much fun Emma and Boomer would have had together. ONLY Boomer barked a lot. I learned that is very common in their breed. It was the first dog I had as an adult and gosh he was wonderful to me though not well trained...

So here's to the pet dogs that enrich are lives. So many people tell me through the blog, email, and when they see Emma in public - so many share what their pet dogs do for them...aren't they wonderful.

I had trouble sleeping so note the time. Emma is looking at me like I am nuts to be up. Off to bed again for both of us.

Mary and Emma

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