Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Home to Sleep

You know I sleep a lot. This was my third sleep study in my life. For some reason I was still nervous. The staff was great and the surroundings comfortable. I thought gosh this won't be too bad. I was so tired I called my friends to chat and keep me alert. I had to wait to go to bed till her other patient went to bed so she could get us both wired up and watch us go to sleep. Yes they watch you and photograph you all night. Well lights did not go out till after Letterman started. My eyes were blinking so hard trying to stay awake...

till...the lights went out. I was in a comfy position though wired up. She had done the check to be sure the camera could see me (how do they do that in the dark) I practiced moving limbs on command, deep breathing and all the checks she had to do. Then it was good night. I was comfy and cozy enough but I did not sleep...I did not sleep...I did not sleep...I did not sleep. At first I stayed relaxed but then I got anxious - they have to have you sleep enough hours for the test to do what it is intended to do.
Finally they gave me a sleeping pill and I still was awake. So then I was hot and they turned on the fan...finally with the lull of the fan I fell asleep. Boy did morning come early. I had woken up at 5:45 so they said Great let's get you up!!

Now in my life not working 5:45 means it is still time to go back to bed ha ha. But gosh I got up, they got wires off me, and I showered etc. Had a mtg with the doctor at 8:30 and later a meeting with the woman setting up the bi pap (no longer on cpap) machine for my use. This machine should help me deal with my apnea and the lung weakness while I am sleeping. By 10:00 am I was out the door.

I thought how s[\poiled I am. When I can's sleep I can get Emma to get even closer to me and pet her. Or Greg will rub my back...and I have my favorite pillow....well all those things you do at home to sleep. A sharp comparison to a different bed, sleeping alone, strange noises and the pressure of knowing you have to sleep.

So it is a bit past 4:30 pm and Emma and I are taking a nap. Yeah Rosa was here for several hours this afternoon - we had fun. She even showed off how she is learning to learn the potty - I was so impressed. She hugs and loves Emma. We have a great time.

But I have to sleep for awhile. Greg will be late for supper I anyway sweet dreams and yes they think they got it all figured out so I don't have to have another sleep study unless I have problems....hurray.

Mary and Emma

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