Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wishing You a Good Day

Emma enjoyed the snow in the yard today. No new snow just enjoying it.

We napped, I read and expected a quiet day.

Surprise I was invited to the movie Benjamin Buttons. I liked it. I chose not to take Emma because it was at the cheaper theater in Maple Grove and last time I took her there it was so crowded finding room for her. There were a lot of people there so it probably was better she was home. She survived (she is not home alone often) but gosh was she glad to see me.

We are watching the awards. I am so tired i am not sure if we will stay up till the end but probably. I am so glad to have less pain. Book club tomorrow.

Emma and Mary hope you are having or had a good weekend....

Emma's vote for Best Movie would be Marley and Me and I second that idea...

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