Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nurse Emma

Mary's day was a tougher today. More severe pain which means more difficult to move
We rested of course all day and took a long nap.
Mike will be stopping by soon (her son) to let me out.
Yeah he will play with me.
Greg won't be home till after 7.which is a few more hours

Mary's new recliner (just two weeks old) is a god sent
She can rest or sleep there or in bed
I prefer the bed but am at her side wherever

I will be glad when she has less pain
I bring her the blanket, the phone, the remote, anything she needs
I am trying to think of ways to help
I even get things before she asks me to do so

I am going to suggest watching a movie tonight
to distract her from the pain
We watched Mama Mia a few days ago and that did help cheer us up

Nurse Emma

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