Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Sweet Story

I woke up and Greg was not in bed. I called for him to help me out of bed you can guess why.

Then he told me why he was not in bed...

He told me Emma and I were hogging the bed. He said finally after days it seemed like I was sleeping soundly. Emma who was so worried about me was in bed laying so close to me. She also relaxed and really spread out as she was sleeping too. Together we took up most the bed.

He said it did his heart good to see us both sleeping so well that he got up for an hour. Then he was going to wake me as I needed medication anyway. He said Emma has been so good to get up with me everytime needed. When I roll over and moan in pain or similar she also is alert whether in bed with us or on the floor in her bed.

So he wanted both of us to be able to sleep - next to each other to keep us both calm too. Wasn't that sweet? He said it was heart warming.

YES he could have told Emma OFF and she would have gone to her bed. YES he could have waked me up to do that too. But he thought this was what he prefered to do.

Emma has helped so much but it is so evident she is worried. Sadly sometimes I yell out in pain when trying to move or moan a bit in my sleep Greg says. We need to keep reassuring Emma that I am alright. She deserved some good sleep. Greg could sleep late so he didn't mind he said.

A bit less pain I think today - I'll let you know when I can dance a jig...(ha ha with MS I would have to be in heaven to do that).
Even a little improvement or the absence of more decline is good news today. Mary and Emma and Greg wish you a good weekend.

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