Friday, February 27, 2009

A Cold Day after the Snow

We were home nearly all day. I had to honor to go to Sophia's violin lesson with her. She is doing so well!!

It is my daughter Anna's birthday. We are having Sophia and Rosa overnight so that the siblings and friends could take her to dinner and a concert. I hope they are having fun.

It was good to get rest today. Sophia and Rosa are watching a video with us before bed. I am enjoying when Rosa lets me rock a bye her in my recliner. She and I both have colds and coughs so I hope we sleep okay tonight.

No plans for tomorrow. The girls need to be home before 10 am as Sophia gets to go ice fishing with 4H and her Grandpa Bob.

Hope you have a good weekend. Emma seems to be really relaxed today. She has had quick trips outside to go to the bathroom but that is all. Yeah I got the confirmation that I was accepted for the MS Women's Getaway - I am so pleased. That is the end of March.

Wishing you a very good weekend. I know we will rest a lot tomorrow also. She sure has been good in helping, and in snuggling up to me today...Emma can you ever know how much you mean to me? Can any person even understand how much you meant to me, HELPING PAWS STAFF - VOLUNTEERS- JUDY - I WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU.

Mary and Emma

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