Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday - At Home

Christmas? Yes it is Feb 7th and my Christmas Decorations including those above are packed away and the tree taken down. Amazing that it took this long to get the inside decorations down. Mary and Joseph and Jesus and Angels are still in our front yard though. One step at a time. For some reason several houses in our neighborhood have decorations and/or lights still up from Christmas. Maybe it is the Jan cold weather? I don't have a great excuse for inside except I just wasn't feeling well..and it wasn't in the way.

Emma likes these types of toys too. We have to remind Rosa not to put them in her reach at times. Rosa and Grandpa like the songs various of our electronic toys make. Greg likes to get them on clearance after Christmas!!

We had a very good day. My sister took me out to breakfast at a place neat here. We had such a relaxing meal and nice visit. A long nap and time to be home. Emma enjoyed extra tlc as she cuddled next to me and I petted her , really gave her a dog massage and she loves that. The day went bu quickly but a lot of the time I was sleeping.

I will be home all day tomorrow to rest and read. I need rest but it is good to move around too. We picked up our new recliner so I will be able to enjoy resting and reading in that tomorrow while Greg work from morning till late night.

Have a good weekend Mary and Emma

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