Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting Out of The House Finally

I don't know when they begin celebrating in New Orleans but Mardi Graw is Tuesday. I wanted to share this picture from last year's Woman's Getaway. For those who know her - yes Tonya is in the middle. It was in spring and I had to leave for a few hours for an endorsing convention. So I was not there when they made masks etc. I was there for the fun party. Emma was with me too. We go again this spring if there is room for us...we sent in our interest from.

We got out of the house today. I had more pain again but needed to get out of the house. We went to El Loro for lunch - a great Mexican Place in Crystal. It is our favorite place to eat together. Then we went to Walmart as Greg needed to get some items for his work. In Wallmart Emma and I started with doing a big lap around the store to give her some exercise (I used a scooter) and I walked her around a lot while Greg shopped.

We got more snow again so boy was she excited. I think we have 3 inches or so now - maybe more. Enough for this happy dog to play in. She loves to put her head in the snow and get very wet. She comes up all wet and snowy. She is so delighted. I enjoyed watching her play, and romp. She did not want to fetch toys today - just wanted to roll, romp around. She loves to examine the entire perimeter of the fence. She does that most days. I always wonder what she is thinking. She goes all over the yard too though. She just loves the snow.

I think we will be home alone all day tomorrow. I am hoping my eyes are okay so I can finish reading the book for bookclub Monday. I just didn't realize how fast this month was going and am not done.

We did take a long nap today and slept late. I still am pretty tired. I am having nerve pain but I don't think going out made it worse. We weren't gone that long and gosh I had been in the house a week,

Hope all is well with you this weekend. Hope the picture makes you smile.
Mary and Emma

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