Friday, February 13, 2009

Spoiling ME

Emma is being so attentive and helpful to me. She is very concerned as my MS flare up appears to have gotten worse. Greg is helping me through this also. He is being so darn helpful, thoughtful that I feel spoiled. He has me set up in the recliner, using his lap top, with both Emma and a phone in case I have to wake him for help. So though MS is not going well (IF that is the total problem)...know I am well cared for at home.

This is what happened. I have had problems with MS. That is not new news. I probably have mentioned it too much here. The issues including vision problems, increased fatigue, and weakness (mostly on the left side, feeling worn out, and breathing problems too (not sure from MS but making it all challenging). I woke up Thurs am and couldn't walk mostly due to problems on my left side. Like someone turned a switch and suddenly I could not lift my left leg, more weakness in my left arm and spasms and lots of pain. Increased difficulty with my right side too but mostly my left leg and arm...
I still can't believe the sudden change and decline.

The pain and disability grew worse so we went to urgent care. My doctor was off for the day and the others could not fit me in their schedule (family dr) I am sorry if the details are boring. I think those who read this who do have MS will be interested in case it has or does happen to them. My family dr could not get me in so I went to an urgent care in Maple Grove. This one is staffed by emergency room physicians but is not an ER.

The big question was/is whether this is all MS or if I had an injury or something else also. I thought perhaps I had pulled muscles or something intially. The doctor who examined me thinks I need to call the MS specialist first of all today (Friday) to let him direct what happens next. When he examined my back, hip etc. it did not seem that I had pain of that type *injury". My pain is more burning (nerve pain?) and this is goes down my arm into my hand, and then down my body to my toes...

MS COUPLES GETAWAY starts today. I am so disappointed but I don't think we will be able to go. I was given pain pills but they are not helping much and they of course are not helping the weakness. I am waiting for a final decision till I talk to the MS Specialist who now is Dr. J. Calkwood (Schapiro retired). I am mostly in bed or my recliner and not sure I want to deal with pain in public. If I can barely sit for more than a bit - it does not make sense to go to an event that is listening to speakers and discussions which means lots of sitting.

EMMA - This is a time when Emma shines. She is both company and also helping in so many ways. These are the days when I realize her strong bond to me. Of course she will respond to my requests. When in bed she was so good to go get Greg as needed. She learned the cue "Go Get Help" but now also responds to "Go Get Greg". She is very concerned. Though the weather is okay for her, she would only go out with Greg for a few minutes Thursday evening - she dashes right back in to be at my side.

We have been up most the night. I can't wait till the MS Specialist's office opens to see what he suggests to do next.

Emma is like my right arm right now. She is at my side getting some sleep as the pain finally seems to be under a little better control. Greg also is getting some sleep. I dislike that I have to depend so much on Greg but he doesn't seem to mind. Friend's like to kid us that in our marriage vows we must have taken seriously the "in sickness and in health" vow since we have needed to be able to deal with his past cancer, my MS and other health issues.

I want to feel better. I am nervous as I did not get many pain pills - I don't think enough to get through till Monday. IF I am able to write I will try to choose other topics than this...

If I don't write I will catch you up on things on MONDAY.

I am honestly so very grateful that I have Emma and Greg to help me through this..poor Emma - Greg was at work and I needed the phone badly to call him as the pain was so intense. I asked her to "get the phone" but had not put it back where she can easily get it. She came back and brought me the newspaper. She knew it wasn't the phone I am sure, but wanted to help me I think.

This is long...Hope your weekend goes well....Mary and Emma

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mary said...

This is Mary Berberick, Kathy K's sister. I wish we lived closer so we could visit. We are not cities all. Hoping the Dr. can figure out what is going on and lessen your symptoms.Mom(95 yrs) and I read your blogs and feel like we know your family. Sorry you had to miss the couples getaway.
Get ready for the spring camp!!
Take care, Mary