Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yeah for Friends

What would we do without friends. The picture is of myself, Karen, and Tonya. Karen is in bookclub, and MS Swim Class with me. Tonya goes to Camp and sometimes to Swim. Both offer me support, laughter, a shoulder to shed tears and someone to help you in life. I treasure that so much.

Today Emma and i started the day off with a friend who came to pick me up for a medical appointment. First we went to breakfast and that was such fun. Emma was very good. The temps are warmer so we were outside more. It might be 60 by Sunday which will feel like a heat wave. i need so badly to go out and scoop poop. Maybe tomorrow? I hate that part of spring.
The Easter Bunny might have to hide plastic eggs in the front yard if I don't get that done this week.

We slept a lot Tuesday. I took a nap after swimming and then went to bed by 7:30. I did wake up a bit when the Twins in the 9th with two outs scored two runs to win the game. Greg was supposet go but cracked a tooth and was in horrible pain. The dentist couldn't get him in till morning so he came home and had a pain pill to take. Ouch he needs a crown. I also need a crown but the tooth doesn't hurt yet. Ouch on the pocket book.

Emma and I found this day flew by as we did small chores and i cooked dinner. Greg likes to cook so does it most the time. i enjoyed doing it today and am trying a new recipe. He is such a great cook though i can't beat his touch. Anyway it smells goo (slow cooker) and i am getting hungry smelling it.

Emma is my special friend of course. She is so good to be with. i really love her and how much happiness she brings to each of my days.

We heard Judy (Emma's foster mom) and Cathy (a person who helped with our fence) are both getting puppies to train. I think this will be a fourth time for Judy. She had Emma, the Tiga (Emma was like a mom to her) Charlie (Tiga's son) and now will have another one. Judy will have to tell me but I think it might be a grandson/daughter of Tiga's this time??? Anyway that is just super.

What to see puppy blogs? If you havent' check them out look at

We even called an old frined I haven't talke to since Dec or seen for over a year. We had a very nice visit by phone.

Wishing you warm friends to help on the journey,

Mary and Emma

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