Monday, April 27, 2009

7 days till MS Camp

Oh my gosh bad timing - my back is soo sore - but better than last night yeah.

We rested a lot today but did go to book club. We had an interesting but short discussion of our book this time. Staggaford Flood was the name by Hassler. Then we talked a lot about the cognitive challenges with MS, and having a sense of humor helps...and other things about MS. Most of us also went to lunch and a place that had a lunch special menu. Yeah for that.

Later in the day we went for a quick trip to cub for groceries with Greg. Emma got some walking in as it seems like I always go from one end to the other when we forget things. We were not getting a lot so did not walk every aisle. Her favorite part was I bought some puppy treats for her.

It suppose to be warmer and warmer this week heading for 60's. Emma and I will like that.

We were suppose to go to an event at my brother's on Sunday - a birthday party. It is cancelled but this makes me feel bad. My brother asked me not to bring Emma. He didn't say why. I don't know if part might be not wanting her in his car and/or house? He was going to pick me up. Greg said maybe it is because his living room is so small for several people and a dog and his porch if it is warm enough for that. My sister won't let me bring Emma in her car or house or even yard (she lives on a small lake).

I know Emma has been very good and stayed on her blanket when she has been there. I just wonder if they realize what Emma means to me though I have tried to tell them? My friends all welcome Emma (I see them more than my siblings) and my kids also. Well I will have to honor their requests for now. Both my sister and brother use to be dog lovers. My sister's husband doesn't like dogs at all so that is her excuse. The time wasn't right to ask my brother why he feels that way.

Well I hope at camp everyone is okay with having a service dog in the cabin. One year I had someone deathly afraid of dogs. I kept Emma close to me. Then at the end of the week she said it was nice to see such a nice dog.

Off to bed. Try not to feel bad and put my worries aside....Mary

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Logan said...

It made me really sad and mad to read about your family asking you not to bring Emma. She is not a pet but technically a medical device. (as weird as that sounds.) That's like them asking you not to bring your cane or scooter. Aside from a severe allergy that couldn't be pre-empted by medication, I can't think of a valid reason for them doing so.