Monday, April 20, 2009

The Back To Bed Dog

I have mentioned it before but today it was so cute. Emma woke up at 7 to eat. Our alarm clock is her kisses most days. Then she goes outside to greet the day. Then she rushes back to hop into bed. She loves to snuggle in "her blanket". We keep one on top of our covers for her to cozy into. Then whether I go back to bed or not - she wants to snooze. Some times Greg gets up with her so I am already in bed. Sometimes I am up and join her. Okay most times. I read or snooze a bit. The joy of being retired.
She just looks so darling. Today it is cloudy and rainy so a perfect day to snuggle.

We will be home most of the day. Greg is off and we have some little projects to work on. We might do one quick errand to get stamps and move a few things. Like always it seems I have laundry to fold and put away but just one load (yeah). Emma is now awak and ready to work however she is needed.

For those who wondered - Emma's pal Tiga is doing just fine. Charlie one of her son's is starting team training with his new owner today. He will be working with Tyler who is in high school. The wonderful Michurski family will be starting with a new puppy that is Tiga's granddaughter or grandson. Have you checked out this puppy blog? I will post it. One of the darling puppies will go to the Michurski home where Judy, Tiga, Tori, and the family members will help train him/her to be a service dog..
thanks Michurski's.

Better go get something done...Mary and Emma

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