Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 More Days till Camp

It is a beautiful day today and Emma likes that and so do I!!! I am so proud of her great behavior. I am offering a bit more food rewards off and on during the day to reinforce skills. She is so good that sometimes I can go a long time without many snacks at all but then she has times when I need to remember that food is her paycheck. No one would want to work never ever getting a paycheck. Emma just is a bit more perky and focused when i remember to have treats now and then. It keeps her guessing - is there a treat this time?

I do use low cal snacks. Charlie Bears work well but I sometimes buy other types and then I break them into smaller pieces. As a big treat I bough her some peperoni smelling sticks but break it into peices that are like small thin tootsie rolls. She takes it eagerly it doesn't have to be big. Normally I am more careful about things with lots of colorings and artificial things...but this time.....

We went to water exercise - I had to be gentle due to my back and my MS and asthma. Emma did great. Home to rest and now home for the evening.

Wishing you a good day. I hope it warms up a bit for camp but as I pack have taken into consideration it might be cool or warm - MN weather can be tough to predict. We will know more with the Sunday forecast for the week.

I have one cane that is easier for Emma to pick up for me. I can't find it - though I know that is strange. I asked my friends and kids if I left it in their cars or something? Most times I need my cane so you wouldn't think I could misplace it but I do..will look around. It has a strap she likes to grab to lift it - I should get another like it as no one wants to use the same cane all the time if you don't have to ha ha. My foldable one broke bummer.

When I pack I make a list of what to pack for Emma also - water - food measured out per meal - extra treats/kibbles for rewards, blanket, brush, poop bags (no delicate way to say it), food and water bowls, toy...what am I forgetting seems like something??? Well I have a few more days.

Hope you are having a good day - Mary and Emma

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