Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday means time to rest for Emma and Me

Saturday - we slept late and also hope to nap. It is almost noon but I want to write early. We are celebrating Anna's birthday with her tonight. A party was canceled due to my hospitalization and health which was planned for a month ago. I want to feel good tonight. Her siblings already celebrated withher the day of her birthday - so tonight it is just Greg, Emma and I. We will have her all to herself and look forward to that time.

Can you believe Easter is a week away. I am hoping all our kids will be here but not sure if the timing will be right for that. They all live in town though. Usually they all end up being here at least part of the day and also play games.

Emma is tired today too I think. It is cloudy here. She didn't seem interested in being out long this morning. She cuddled up as I read a book. I hope to mostly rest today as truly I got way too tired yesterday.

My breathing is still causing problems and uncomfortable to get out of breath so easily. Emma's help with chores, picking up things and such means more than ever to me.

Camp is just a month away.

Hope you have a good weekend...we will write more if I can think of anything creative, fun, funny to say. hang with me as I will also try to get my camera into action and get some photos of Emma and other aspects of life. After breaking my cell phone I got a new one. I keep it on me at all times and that makes me feel safer. Greg agrees on that one.

More soon after a little more rest....Mary and Emma
Should this be Emma and I?

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