Monday, April 13, 2009

MS Camp in 21 Days

After the fun yesterday I am still smiling - I think Emma is also. We went to a very Beautiful, Uplifting, Joyful Easter Mass at our church in Maple Grove St. Joseph the Worked. there has been a new bigger church for several years but this is the first time I have been there when it was so packed. Often on Easter we go to St. Lawrence Neuman at the U of M where Greg works. We really enjoy our new copastor Father Don Piche who at one time was Greg's boss. He talked about finding joy despite these troubling times. He didn't dismiss the problems of unemployment, etc but that we also should count our blessings. Instead of just feeling bad about these things reaching out to neighbors to help one another. It was very inspiring. I am not doing it justice.

We had our children and granddaughters for brunch. That was really enjoyable. Greg was the main cook but Tia made yummy bisquits, Anna helped make the salad the day before, and the others took turns helping in some way. One lamb was in the oven and another on the grill. Ham was made the day aheah and just reheated. Cheesy pototose, vegetables - lots of food. The lamb on the grill was stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, and garlic. I don't eat lamb but it was a huge hit. Melted in their mouth they said. they ate plenty of all at brunch. I will make lentil soup with the ham bone. Greg is making lamb stew with the leftovers.
We always have containers ready to send home leftovers for those who one refuses.

I needed a short nap. Guess what I did? I fell asleep briefly in church. NEVER in my life have I done that. I was embarassed but no one seemed to notice Greg just nudged me. So I got home and took a short nap while he worked on food, he woke me when I needed to help. Then after the meal we put away food and loaded the dishwasher and rinsed things off. Then I got in a chair and fell asleep almost. The kids insisted I take a short rest and promised to wake me. They did wake me to play games and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

I don't know why I needed those extra times to nap. We were going to go to the sunrise service but slept through the alarm (both of us)> Emma didn't even wake us when the alarm went off. IT was very crowded at church and she of course was awesome. A few if the little children call her the church dog.

Today Greg is off. We finished dishes and put things away. Then we even cleaned out a cupboard to move things around. We did some laundry and sorted some headed to Goodwill. IT was a very productive day. IT is 4pm and I haven't needed a nap I do what I can, than sit and read and then work again. Greg i working really hard on other tasks too. Seems like there is plenty to do.

Emma helped with laundry of course. Too bad she doesn't do dishes. That would make my day ha ha. I enjoyed going outside and sitting while she played. It is very very very nice outside in the sun.

As we moved china from one cupboard to the china cabinent we also move some holiday decorations. I still remember fondly some of the students who gave me various things. I wonder is students realize that so many we still remember. On facebook a few students have found me or I have found them - fun to see how they are doing.

I better get back to work. We plan to do two errand before supper also. Cleaning lady is tomorrow so have to be sure all things are put away.

Hope your day goes well - Emma and Mary

It appears to be the logic board on my computer. We are brining it in Wed? we hope to have them look at it. I dont' know if it will be the cost of repair or if it will mean a new computer is more appropriate!! We have to pay in more to taxes than I budgeted for so not good timing at all. Property taxes due in May...ugh ugh ugh.

MS Camp in three weeks...yeah for that

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