Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emma likes the April Snow

Emma likes the April Snow but not many other people. The good news is it is melting fast. We only got about enough to cover up the grass, Emma and I are doing laundry this afternoon before and after are nap.

I have been practicing with her picking up my new(used) purse. She struggles some but I think I just plain have it too heavy. I cleaned it out and she can lift it higher to me from the floor up to me if I am sitting in a chair. I think Emma likes certain textures better than others. I notice that when she "brings me the blanket". I have different blankets I use for her when we go places - this is where she lays. At the Y we use a towel. Certain ones she will pick up more enthusiastically than others. Her most favorite is getting so worn looking. Towels are not her favorite but she picks them up for me. A handy trick at the Y and also in the bathroom ha ha.

She is doing great at picking up my newer cane. There is a strap on it and she uses that when she can. She is such a great dog.

Better go fold that laundry...Mary and Emma

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