Sunday, April 19, 2009


The temp barely reached 51 today so after the warmer days it felt cool. Emma and I went with Greg to Walmart and also went outside several times today to play or hang out. When it was nap time I couldn't find her. I called and her the tingle of her charms on her neck and found her already in bed. Not only that she was warmly snuggled in a big blanket and looked at me as if to say "I'm all set when are you joining me?" I had to laugh. Yes if I called her again she would have come to me obediently.

Tonight Greg is at work and I am trying to muster energy to finish a load of laundry and do some dishes. Emma and I are enjoying that it stays lighter at night...feels so nice to have more "day - time". Hope to get the scooter going so we can start taking walks each day. Would be good for both of us I am sure.

Emma is fun to take places. Little children love to wave and smile. Many adults comment on how beautiful she is and absolutely everyone today honored the rule to not pet while working. Once in awhile you have those who say they can't resist. More and more I find people are educated about the need to not pet working dogs and/or ask permission. Today no one even asked to pet her which was good - we were working. I practiced some of the positioning skills since we had plenty of time to do so.

We had a good day. I better go and see what I can accomplish before we head to bed early. I seem to be so tired - do I always say that? Nothing really exciting about the day which is fine by me.

Love from Emma and Mary

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