Saturday, April 18, 2009


Yesterday was such a busy day for Emma and I yet relaxing too. My friend Tonya and her daughter were here most of the day till 3. We talked and talked and laughed. Emma got to go outside and it was fun. Due to a mixup a friend came to take us to a movie though we had decided to stay home. She understood but I talked to her a bit before she took off to go to the movie with other swim group friends. After school (no nap) we went to meet Jan. We celebrated the end of the week at happy hour. Nothing alchoholic just lemonade and an appetizer to share. More chatting.

Then I needed a nap before dinner. Greg made an awesome chicken with vegtables stir fry dish. We then dropped a bike and stroller off at Mike and Tia's house. We picked up Anna who lives near by and brought dilly bars for all. The girls were in their jammies.

The girls were happy to see us all. Rosa got really excited and was pretty active. I hope we didn't rile them up too much before bed. Tia and Mike were very welcoming and we didn't stay long.

Today it is noticeably cooler (could use a light jacket) compared to yesterday. Rain is predicted for tomorrow and is badly needed. We are headed to my daughter's to drop some things off.

Time to go....EmmA IS EXCITED



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