Friday, April 3, 2009

A Tired Team

Friday night? It is almost midnight. We were at an event at Greg's work and though it was fun (he made dinner for almost two dozen) and insightful I am bushed. He had to stay a few hours for the clean up and other things. Maybe we should not have gone as I am so tired I could cry. Will sleep in and nap tomorrow for sure. Nice people to listen to though.

We were home all day and Emma is doing okay. I just wanted to assure you we are fine. No wonder I rarely go out at night and don't often go to events at the church he works at. HE worked from like 9 am all day (I got a ride from my son over). With my health and stamina we just can't handle the hours. As staff there is always lots for him to do. A good thing as he likes his job.

Sorry does this make any sense.

Mary and Emma

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