Friday, April 10, 2009

Wishing You A Great Day

Emma and I are enjoying a sunny day. We hope temps get up to high 40's or 50. Really I wish is was 70 but this is the best we can muster today in April Last year there was snow on the ground when we had Easter in March.

Today is Good Friday. I am not sure about what time we will go to church. Last night Emma was so well behaved at church and Rosa too. Today I am babysitting Rosa. Sophia will come later tonight to color easter eggs with us. Mike and Tia will have some alone time. I love time with the granddaughters and I think Emma does also.

I normally have some ideas on hand for playing with Sophia and Rosa. We picked up a movie she wants to see, I have special new markers, paper, playdough, and books. I always like to have some ideas in mind. It's the teacher in me, or because I did daycare, While doing daycae I did plan ideas for the day's activities, this added variety to our days, and also sometimes allowed me to do things that were more like a pre-school. I also hope Rosa will nap - that means I will nap (unless Sophia changes her mind and comes this afternoon also)...the only bummer is I don't have all the back yarded clean of poop so they can't play out there yet.

When I pull my blinds off Emma has a place she can lay in the partial sun on my couch. Is she part cat ha ha. They also loved that. Lately i miss my cats. We have no plans however to get a cat. Emma is just fine for us. Emma and I were tired after swimming and being out last night so slept so late today.

I don't know if we will have time to write tonight ...I anticipate that we will have a fun day. We will color eggs also but not till Grandpa Greg is home.

Happy Easter to All...Mary and Emma

We go to camp in 30 days!!!

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