Thursday, April 23, 2009

9 Days Till Camp

Wow 80 degrees, a wind but that is okay - keeping me from being too hot. We went to water exercise. I had to stop due to chest discomfort. Took my asthma meds which helped a great deal. Spent time outside with Emma and we are headed outside again!!

Emma sometimes you are so stubborn. We have been practicing getting the cane off the floor and she is doing so well. So today in public we tried it after lunch. She would NOT pick it up. She looked at me like what are you talking about? I was so frustrated as everybody was watching. Then they looked away and she at least attempted the cane. She couldn't seem to figure out where to get it in her mouth (where to grab the cane). We will keep practicing. See this happens because I got lazy and didn't have her fetch the cane...mostly because I can often set it up against a wall and don't need het to get it.

Emma really ran a lot outside. A neighbor dog was out on the other side of the fence. That dog is a pit bull and normally barks and sends Emma flying back into the house. This time they didn't bark at all. They would race toward the fence and then run around in there yards and do it again. Almost like they were playing. No agression by the other dog. I do keep a careful eye out for Emma. Normally we go in if the other dog is out. They often check too and don't let their dog out if Emma is out.

This time we are going out in front. My friend Jan is headed over and we are going to shop for new sheets for my bed. We also will stop for a pop and chat for awhile.

Wishing you a very good day, Emma and Mary

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