Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emma Wants To Help

Emma has been super today. One task I rarely ask her to do is get my purse. Mine is sometimes heavy. Well today I asked her to get it and she did great. . . even though it was heavy. I did then clean it out so it was easier for both of us. She just took up the task so easily. She always works well for me but there might be a day here and there (not often) that she needs prompting. Today she is just in a great mood and helping with so many things. I even tried my book club book bag that is heavy and she tugged that over to me (It had books in it). What a super dog. She is at my feet this minute wanting to do more. When i am done I am going to practice with my cane.

I find a cane is something she sometimes has a hard time with. She will grab it and then move it wrong and it jabs her in the mouth if that makes sense. I am practicing how to hold it and step by step encouraging her to do it in a way that is not going to hurt her. This one has a loop on it at the handle if she prefers to use that.

I forgot to tell you that Tuesday at Water exercise she had to lay right next to the pool due to some things going on there. I mean she was about a foot from the edge where I was. Maybe two feet but close. She was just as wonderful as ever. She did not try to jump in or get off her towel. I am just so proud of Emma.

Sometimes I realize Emma could do more than I ask. One thing I want to use my abilities so sometimes I will pick something up or like grab my own purse for example. But when I need her to do it well she shines. Lately i have needed more help on everything and she has done great.

Sometimes she has her "dog moments". I for example dropped a paper plate. Well i asked her to get it and it had falled upside down. Well she attacked it like it was the challenge of her life. It took her awhile to get if flipped and it kept sliding on the wood floor as she tried to grab it. She finally got it and grabbed it with her mouth. I had turned away for just a bit knowing she would probably grab it and bring it to me. Well no she was going to grab that moving thing and she did, and she grabbed it again and again till she had much of it shred into pieces. She was quite proud of conquering the moving plate and one by one delivered the pieces,

If I had not been distracted I could have said "enough" and "bring" before it was in pieces but secretly I laughed. She so seldom gets into any mischief. What a good dog she is.

The other thing I have to acknowledge is how stupid I can be. I went with a friend grocery shopping and to panera's yesterday.
I went out in the yard with Emma before we went and she surprised me and didn't go to the bathroom. So we shopped for awhile and decided to stop and just grab a beverage and chat before going home. Well once there Emma would not behave. She laid down under the table and then got up. Then she pulled on the leash and was in the aisle. Some woman were trying to get her attention so I thought that was the problem. I explained she was working and had her go down under again. She again pulled. Well you know what she needed but I didn't. Finally I took her outside and the poor dear had to go to the bathroom so darn bad. How on earth did I miss that? Anytime she won't obey that is typically the problem. Sorry Emma.

The Helping Paws Wag, Walk, and Run event is coming up in May. I will have details soon on how you can support Emma and I in this activity. Depending on my lungs and MS we hope to participate. We will collect pledges to support Helping Paws in any case. Collectively we really did a great job helping last year. Even a $5 donation is great as many did that or more last year.
More details soon. I might have the words in the wrong order for the name? i will check that out.

Sadly I am still having breathing problems that cause difficulty in daily life but coping. Due to MS weakness i will be starting physical therapy in a few weeks. If the diabetes doesn't improve they might put in a insulin pump...I am also trying to loose Emma helps me cope with all of this...

Hope you have/had a good day - Mary and Emma

I better take some more pictures to share.

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