Sunday, April 26, 2009

8 More Days till MS Camp

I was just too tired to write on Saturday. We did a few errands and I got myself a sleeping bag for camp. I took a very very very long nap after our outings. I think I get a lot more tired now than before Thanksgiving and all this lung stuff. Probably a combination of Asthma and MS? I see the lung specialist again this week.

I am so excited for camp. Tonya just called. She will be my roommate. We were discussing what to bring for healthy snacks, and drinks too. I bring bottled water for Emma and I. I bring a bit extra food for her to eat usually as treats due to the extra exercise she gets around the camp with me on my scooter. I hope I can relax and forget other worries for the week. We will be gone Monday-Friday. The schedule includes a nap time and I hope that will be enough time for me to nap. Otherwise I might have to skip some activities to rest - and you hate to miss anything at camp. It is super fun.

I signed up for a boat ride (Tonya will watch Emma while I do that), basket weaving, tye dying shirts (I plan to do two for my granddaughters, outdoor cookout, learning to make appetizers and another craft thing. You don't always get first choice but there were fun selection. In between times we rest, talk (a lot) with new and old friends, play cards or scrabble, enjoy the outdoors and so on. In the morning and evening Emma and I take a long walk around the camp. We both enjoy the sights and sounds.

It is so busy with other people that our walks, our naptimes Emma enjoys. I have to remind people not to pet her while working and now we do that in the large group in the camp rules meeting that starts the week. I have not checked the list but I think there will be at least 2 other helping paws dogs there at camp. Last year it went so well everyone was very considerate. When off duty in the cabin, with me supervizing I do let the women in my cabin pet her at times. Emma keeps a keen eye on me these days. She knows they need my okay to pet her. There is one woman who can't seem to obey that rule when she has been in my cabin before or it I see her at events. She will be at the August camp this year which is just as well for Emma and I. She was not always considerate of the rules for working dogs and it was annoying.

I have turkey cooking and it smells so darn good. Anna, Becky, Justin, and Dan are coming to eat with us. Greg is working till midafternoon. We are keeping the meal simple but it should be very very yummy. It will be nice to see them and to visit for awhile. They lead such busy lives I never know how long they can stay, but my focus will need to be on enjoying the time they are here. I have time to rest a bit before they arrive.

We sure need the rain. It has stopped for now but we could use a gentle rain all day but will take what we can get. The trees are showing their green buds and this rain and then the sun will bring them bursting out. I love spring. I love the changes in the earth as green emerges in the soil, as trees bud out, grass turns green again. Spring is wonderful time of year I think. Yes even on rainy days.

Hope your Sunday goes well, Mary and Emma
Yesterday Emma often wanted me to wake up. I would to take her out and play a bit. Now today I am up and she is snoozing away. How funny.

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