Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Sleepover

Friday was so much fun with the girls - that we decided (Sophia and I) to ask if it could be a sleepover. What great fun.

Coloring Eggs was a blast. Emma just rested while we did that. Rosa age 29 month thought it was great and Sophia age 9 also. I only wished i had boilded more egg because they had such fun. Greg worked in the morning Friday and again at night but he was home to help create these master peices.

The girls played Barbie for hours too. Rosa loved putting shoes on the barbie and clothes. Both of them can play using their imagination. one hit is Becky, my daughter, one time received a Barbie in a wheel chair. If memory serves me right we were at something with an informational booth about disabilities. When I asked where to purchase such an item it was given to us.
I will let you know if Becky tells me another version of the story (she is more likely accurate than I am).

the girls played so nice. They even did little "shows" for me. They sang and acted out things. They have play microphones. They are plastic from Target and great fun. Springs inside the microphone create the louder song - no batteries or electricity. Best cheap toy we ever purchased.

We also had movie fun.They laughed and laughed through Herbie Fully Loaded and we also watched the dvd Bedtime Storied. I think Greg and I liked Bedtime stories as well as they did. Rosa fell asleep during it though. It is more for a bit older kids.

I couldn't possible tell you about all the fun. I will try to add pictures later.

Sophia layed on pillows and a sleeping bag during the movies. Emma loved laying with her. At her feet or at her feet. But when Sophia got up for something Emma wanted to be on the sleeping bag and took the whole space. She likes both Sophia and Rosa. When we went to bed she wanted to be between Greg and I like normal but that is for Rosa. Emma settled at the base of the bad. We all slept great.

The fun is not over. They are here til Greg gets home from working Sat am. The past three days are so busy for the church workers. There Daddy, Mike and Greg are working at church. We found some interesting cartoons and they slept late. I hope we are headed outside for a little bit (front yard not back yet) plus we having some new special markers to use. They have toys and things to keep them occupied.

They also like to help bring Emma outside. Emma and I like having them around. Today I have to nap, and also I want to set the table and we have some food prep. Believe it or not we plan to go to sunrise service at 6:30 am. Any bets on if I can get up that early? Even Emma is use to getting up at 7 when Greg feeds her and takes her out and then heads back to bed with bed. Having Greg do that so I can sleep till 8 or 8L30 is great for me. IT does NOT seem to confuse Emma. She will mind Greg but she knows I am the main boss and that I am her partner. We are a great teamAf

After the girls leave (about noon) I will give Emma extra attention. Even last night before the girls went to bed. I brought Emma to the bedroom. She layed with me and wanted me to pet her - even her tummy (that is not often on the tummy) that really helps her not act jealous of Rosa. Through out my time with the girls I take time to give her extra petting and love. Plus she cuddles up sometimes to Sophia and lets Rosa hug her.

wishing you a happy Easter Weekend. All my children will join us for brunch...Mary and Emma

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