Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 Dqys till Camp -31 years of Marriage

Today is our Wedding Anniversary - the 29th. We have been married 31 years. Greg worked so we snuck in a small celebration tonight when he got home. We went to Applebees and had appetizers and time together. A fun break as it is close to our home.

Today we had counseling (yep Emma and I tee hee) and then rode the Metro Mobility bus for an hour to Physical Therapy. The PT is really only 20 min away but the pick up riders along the way this time and dropped off ones. But I can't complain as I get door to door service. Emma is noticeably uncomfortable on the bus when she needs to be on the floor. This driver would not allow her on the seat and with other riders that made sense. She gets so nervous. The hour must have seemed long to her.

Metro mobility could not take me home due to their scheduling being booked. My friend Tonya picked me up and took me home. I invited her daughter and Tonya to have supper with me. We had Turkey Soup. Yummy. Greg made the broth and I finished the soup. We enjoyed it. We watched some tv and talked too.

I need to get to bed because we see the Dr tomorrow. This time the lung specialist. We have to get up earlier than usual. Emma seems ready for bed too.

More tomorrow....please pray for our friend Mark. He had a bad heart attack today and they don't know if he will survive the night. We won't know more till tomorrow. We are very upset and sad.

Have a good day, Mary and Emma

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