Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smiles from Ear to Ear

Yeah writing this on my new computer --- bigger screen, it has a camera on it (didn't even know that) great sound too....color me happy....trying to forget the IRS bill.

Emma is looking at me funny with the music so loud. I want to test out the speakers. When I normally use the computer music is quieter and soothing and she goes to sleep easily. When i need a lift for Chores I am all about the Beach Boys!! My kids grew up cleaning the house to the Beach Boys - hard to complain when you are singing.

Greg got all the files transfered to this computer. A reminder to me that I should back up files especially photos more often.

I have no idea how to use the camera and i guess i photo has an update so will learn new things.

Still nice outside better get Emma outside again. Tomorrow it is suppose to be high 60's almost 70. A good thing.

Can you just imagine me smiling???? I need this computer to keep my morale up....Mary and Emma are smiling

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