Wednesday, April 22, 2009

10 Days Til MS Camp

I talked to Tonya who is really excited about MS Camp. We will be roomates. I can't wait. I hope we get nice weather.

Today Emma and I spent a lot of time waiting. We had counseling. Then metromobility bus to where I had an afternoon appt for physical therapy. I brought a book since we arrive over an hour early. Then we waited over an hour til Greg could leave work to drive us home. I had a book to read but it still seemed long to me...very long.

Emma was very good. The Physical Therapist specializes in MS patients and has extra training. She says they have a lot of service dogs go through there but Emma is the best dog ever. She helped me two years ago when I had problems with dizziness. This time she is trying to help me deal with my left side weakness. We hope to improve things though I can't expect miracles. MS progresses and she could see more weakness on my entire body than in the past. She keeps lots of written records to docuement things.

I was tired and napped of course. She said the muscle weakness meant the muscles had to work harder so was not surprised that I felt more fatigued than normal - whatever normal is. I go for two weeks twice a week and then to camp. After camp I go once a week for about a month depending on how things go.

Emma kept a watch out while we worked on my muscles. I had to lay on a table while Sharon moved the limbs, feet and hands to evaluate things. Then we moved out to the main room. Emma very willingly stayed in a drop stay in the smaller room. Sharon said not all dogs are willing to do that but it was helpful as there were other people working in the main area. We weren't out there long. Emma is so good to stay on her blankie. I was so proud of her.

At home it was nice so we did get outside. Tomorrow it is suppose to be 80. We have water exercise but will also get outside. I want her to get her exercise. It will be nice but I have to work not to get too hot. With MS for me once it gets that warm you can have trouble with your nerves. They don't conduct as well if they get too hot. It varies but most my friends with MS would agree that over 78 or so they see a difference. Still I like summer, flowers, green grass etc.

We need rain and they predict a rainy weekend. We need the rain but hope it is nice for camp. I think we would still have fun though even with a rainy day there. That has happened. But past two years I think we have mostly good weather.

I am thinking how fun it will be to see old friends at camp. I also think of the volunteers who give their time to make it possible for us to go to camp. The staff too put so much into the work of camp year round to make it all go smoothly.
I am grateful to those individuals.

Emma is showing me she can pick up my cane now. I just got out of the habit of asking her as often I can lean it against a wall or something I can easily reach. We are practicing now with my different canes and she is doing awesome. I also am having her pull my purse closer to me and lifting it as much as she can so I can get it. I am finding with books in it or today a bottle of water also sometimes I pack it so heavy that is a chore but she gives it her best shot.

MS Camp friends you may have seen this pic before - I have another one but can't seem to get it to work.

Hope your Thursday goes well - Mary and Emma

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