Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Great Day to be Outside

This is one of my favorite old pictures of Emma. Today she spent lots of time outside. We were in the yard for hours with Rosa and Sophia. Over two hours I think. Well Emma was thirsty and brought this bowl to me and dropped it at my feet. Well there was just a bit of water in it so a few drops got on the floor. She just looks lie "come on I need water NOW".

The yard clean up after Emma made great progress also. Yeah for that. We have to look again tomorrow to see if we missed any poop but it seems all cleaned up. Yeah for that.

We went to water exercise and rested. The girls came and played outdoors with us. Rosa and Sophia blew bubbles a long time and Rosa kept wanting to impress Emma. Emma watched them all but didn't try to catch them as I think Rosa wanted. But they all had a good time - Grandma too. Never too old to enjoy bubbles.

They also played on the swing set playground. Nothing fancy but it entertained our children and now our grandchildren. Warmed my heart to see them pretending and playing together. Where did the time / years go??

I chose this picture of our Easter flowers because it was a gorgeous day here. No need for coats or sweaters. Tiny green plants are barely peeking out of the earth as if to see if it is safe to grow. I can't wait till when we can actually plant flowers.

Please pray for my friend Kathy's mom who is ill. It is late here and I am tired. Emma and I are ready for bed after we took the girls home. We had a great evening.

Greg hopes to be off tomorrow but has a little bit of work that he can do at home on the computer. Will be nice to spend time with him.

Have a good day - Mary and Emma

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