Friday, April 24, 2009

The Soloist

Emma dozed through the movie but I found it very interesting. I recommend seeing it though it at times made me cry. The acting is superb I though and it is a true story. I didn't know that fact. It gives a real face to the reality of homelessness and also to mental illness.

A friend of mine volunteers at a place in Mpls called Peace House. It is a safe place for mentally ill people to come to spend some time. I think it is open about four hours a day. I don't know all the details but I know there is a need for this place. Too many mentally ill people have been released from state institutions or programs only to find themselves searching for a safe place to belong. This movie made me want to learn more about the program. I know they rely on donations to keep going and for food to serve and share.

This movie will get you thinking about life and its challenges. You also hear a lot of Beethoven music.

Emma and Greg are napping but I got up before them. What is wrong with this picture ha ha. Normally I am the one snoozing with Emma. I guess she is tired from being outside.

Even as I say that she would be at my side in a heartbeat if I called her. She is "off duty" for the first time all day and naps are allowed.

No grandchildren tonight to occupy my time. I miss them. The Twins are on so maybe that will be good to watch? Go Twins.

Mary and Emma

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