Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wed and wishing you a good day


We were home today also. The temp had dropped but left snow for Emma to play in. We enjoyed the sunny day while warm inside. It was cold for March but a warm up is headed this way in the upcoming week we hope anyway. We slept a great deal but I felt less congested. I even managed to clean up a few things - not much but moved a bit anyway. Emma seemed to enjoy the sunshine...

I am hoping next week we get out of the house. I will be home tomorrow but I think a friend is stopping by. Friday I see the family doctor and see what he thinks of my progress. I still seem to need the oxygen right now though. I am off the antibiotic now and tapering off the prednisone...hopefully things will keep improving. That's enough illness for one winter.

I had pneumonia before the wedding but not this bad - thanks goodness. I can't imagine being able to handle the fun and busy time surrounding the wedding if I had been in this shape. I just talked to Becky, the bride and they are doing well. All my children are coping well it seems...but the economy is hard on them for sure.

I am trying to read and also watch positive tv so I don't get too blue about the economy or other concerns. I think when you are sick it is easier to get discouraged about life I have this happy dog Emma around which helps me a great deal. She really is fun to be with.

Well eventually we will get out of the house again and have more to write about. Emma and I are ready for a short nap at this odd time of day. I just sleep a lot or rest. She doesn't mind and we play with toys indoor when she is receptive to it. Today she was more eager than some times. She loves to lay by me though with her skin touching mine most the time. With that kind of support every day is better for me....Mary and Emma wish you a good day.

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian said...

I just realized I can comment on your blog! I have a blogspot too, though I rarely write on it.
I used to use it for storytime postings.
I'm glad you're feeling a bit better.
Have a happy Thursday.