Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Day to Rest and Recover

Tuesday is a quiet day. I rested much of Monday also. I still have some congestion and of course need the oxygen.
I am very tired these days. Emma and I have a book on tape to listen to as soon as I can listen and not fall asleep ha ha.

Emma got groomed Monday. Greg took her and she looks so nice. She didn't seem to mind it either. Today she is mostly resting with me. Greg will be home soon (early he thinks) and take her outside for exercise.

There was water exercise today but I don't think we will be going anywhere until I go to the family doctor on Friday - I feel so worn out. When someone comes to visit I have them take Emma outside. We are alone today. Sat my son was here, Sunday my other children, and then Monday Anna had slept over and my friend Tonya stopped by too.

Emma is getting lots of tlc and helping me out. It is snowing so she will like going outside to play now.

We need this quiet day...Mary and Emma

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