Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sat and Coping

The day went well today, Saturday. Greg and my son Danny made sure I had help all day besides my dear Emma. Emma also got outside to play. She wants so badly to be at my side at all times but once they get her outside she will run and play. She will enjoy that my friend Tonya, her daughter are visiting early afternoon. I guess after tthat my other children (Becky for sure) and maybe Anna and Mike will visit later in the evening? Anna might stay over night. All are willing to help it is a matter of their other commitments and responsibitilies. Thanks goodness for them all. Greg feels strongly I should not be alone yet and the doctors also stated that too.

I had one spell where it was harder to breathe and had to up oxygen uptake and sleep but it got better. Also needed more medications for the lungs. I suppose I will have some slight ups and downs as i recover??? I see my family doctor on Friday.

I feel so weird having oxygen - like a dog on a leash kind of. I can go just so far through my house - okay reach most of the main floor...but once in awhile it catches under a door or something - reminding me i am attached to oxygen at all time right now. Emma too is adjusting to walking by me and us coordinating our steps so we don't step on the oxygen line. We are doing okay but it is a bit odd for us.

Emma is using the command "bring to Greg" for me more than usual. She has brought him things like the paper, a dropped napkin, anything i need. she does this normally but of course more often due to my limited abilities. I did try to do too much a bit this afternoon but I could tell I had to stop due to the strain on my breathing.

We also have been working on Emma's "leave it " command and "stay" both are doing well. Just felt she needed some brush up on both commands. She knows I am the boss but does practice with Greg too because he also has so much direct contact with her. At times I worry if it is clear to her that I Am the Master but gosh in the way she responds to my illness and needs that couldn't be more evident.

She went home from the hospital just for the night but was not happy to leave. Though I am told she had a grand old time sleeping on my entire side of the bed and strechting out. I am sure she got more sleep there than at the hospital. When she came to the hospital in the mornings Greg said she seemed to know the way and was thrilled to get to my room and greet me. She was then with me till bedtime. It works out well for us.

See I must feel better (I am) for I am writing. Special thanks to my son Dan who on his own took an entire day off work to be with me at the hospital and to be sure that Emma could spend that day with me. With my family's cooperation it worked out just great to have Emma at the hospital ...

Thanks for your emails of support, cards, and one friend sent beautiful blooming tulips. How awesome was that!! Greg promises to refill the cute vase type thing it came in once the blooms fade...we're trying to be optimistic about my future health...

Mary and Emma - oops we loose an hour of sleep... better head to bed soon.

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