Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Note To Emma

Dear Emma

You are

Marvelous to be with
My dear dear companion

The past five weeks have been tough physically and emotionally.
You know that for you were at my side.
At home, at the hospital and many times physically touching me
You have been there to calm me
To help me get things
To bring me the phone
To provide unconditional support and love

Tomorrow we venture out to water exercise
We hope to get into more a regular routine
We will be able to enjoy the outdoors more and more as Spring begin
I hope things will be easier and I will have better health

You will never know how much you mean to me
You are my port in the storm
You help me deal with life challenges
You are a gift in my life
You are just terrific

Thanks you for all you have done these past weeks
They have been difficult but you have risen to the challenge
You still amaze me
You enrich my life
You brighten every day

Thanks so much for your love...

I know I blog but no amount of words even if I write for years and years will ever truly capture all that you mean to me.
You are my angel from God...

Love you Emma -- Mary

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