Friday, March 13, 2009

Minds Drift to Spring - MS Camp

We have spring fever and we are dreaming of MS Camp in May. Actually I don't hear officially if we are accepted yet but we applied and our hoping we get in. Due to funding and space limitations we can't be sure we will get in - but we are optimistic.
We are having warmer days with some snow melt. i even have a window open to get in some fresh (though still cool) air into the house. Smells good and feels good.

We went to the doctor. I normally stay calm but i was so upset as they said the appointment was for MONDAY. I know I made it for today and even had called yesterday to check the time. Greg said I looked like I was going to lynch the poor woman at the desk. She hastily checked with the doctor and they fit us in the schedule though it took a long time. I just am so certain it was there mistake this time anyway.

The good news is I get to start cutting back the oxygen each day and will probably be fully off it by Tuesday or Wed. I have to have another oxygen check and then all of the equipment will be removed from my home. My lungs sounded pretty good though I have some meds to finish up to be sure I am over it all. I am just thrilled. The doctor thinks I have to wait till next Thursday probably for water exercise and keep making sure I get extra rest for at least a week. I am thrilled though to be winding off the oxygen and back to a more normal routine. They will watch me closely - or I guess I will watch closely for any new colds though.

I would guess in a month or so Emma and I will even be out with my scooter taking walks? I think so anyway. Today we are going out briefly with my dear friend Jan - just to visit - have a pop and get out of the house. We did have to take a nap after the doctor.

I am just like a little kid finally getting out of the house. I am waiting for Jan to call to say she is here to pick me up. Emma seemed happy to even get to the doctor office with me. We had to carry the oxygen (it seems heavy to me) but still went. We were too tired to do more than that this am.

I may write more later. With Greg gone this week you might see blogs that are longer. You can tell I feel better when I write more often. Thanks again for supportive email, and ecards and offers to help.

It is pretty wet out but Emma liked getting outside. A lot of snow melt might come this week showing off all the yard clean up from the winter. That part of having a service dog is NO easier than a regular dog. Its March in MN though so don't be surprised if we don't get snow also in weeks to come...even in April many years.

Mary and Emma

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