Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Treasure the Day as Years Fly By

Where did the baby go and oh how Sophia (dark hair has grown up. Time passes so fast. These pictures of course make me think of summer which is months away here. But the also remind me how fast time passes.

Emma has been with me 41 months. Sometimes I feel like I have had her forever and part of me thinks the time is flying by. I cringe every time someone aske me how old she is and I say 6. I want it to slow down. I don't want her to age. I want her in my live till Forever...but of course that won't happen.

So I try to treasure each day with her. No matter what the time is we have "our time". Now that sounds silly when a service dog is with me all day long. But she and I like the quiet time when I lay with her on the bed and massage her spine, pet her, hug her... you get the idea. When she feels really safe and secure she will roll to her side or rarely on her back so i will scratch her stomach. She is very protective of her stomach. I know she is feeling really comfortable when she has that position. She loves me petting her every day but her stomach nope not every day. But today she was that relaxed. I feel so honored when she can really relax like that.

We went to water exercise. Of course she is with me but she is at my feet and I am chatting with friends. If you know me, you know I am talkative. Or she is at the side of the pool, under the table if we stop for a sandwich for lunch, at the foot of the bed usually if I am sleeping. She does like when I am on the couch so she can lay next to me with her body touching me. When she lays in bed her body, head or some part is touching me. She likes my touch and I enjoy that fact.

i hope that i never take Emma for granted. Today she helped me again pick up some things I dropped. Then i dropped a towel and she picked that up also. She is just so wonderful.

Sometimes it is amusting to me how surprised people are to see a dog. It was spring break so there were a lot of children of various ages at the YMCA and lots of questions and interest about Emma and how she helps me. When I went shopping with Greg Sunday I also realized how surprised people were. I am so use to having her and so are my friends so sometimes it surprises me and I have to remember others do not see dogs in public places so of course they are surprised.

Greg and his brother went to dinner and to see a speaker tonight. Emma and I hope to finish some dishes and do some laundry tonight if all goes as planned. We also will listen to the President Obama speak.

My thought for today is to enjoy and cherish it - time passes so quickly.
Wishing you a good day.

Emma and Mary

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