Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday and another Fun Lunch

Let's hear it for my girls and their friend Katie. Yep another lunch date. Emma and I were glad to get outside in the nice weather for a few hours. I left my spring coat in the car since we parked so close. Anna, Becky, Emma, our friend Katie - we had a fun lunch chatting away. Isn't that great. The girls had lots to share and kidded me about being plenty talkative also. It was great weather, sunny, good company, and good food. I forgot my camera as I wanted a picture of the three of them - oh well.

Katie use to be here so much when she grew up. The girls slept over back and forth and she has even vacationed with us. She has been here for family birthdays, sometimes holiday and so much. She calls me her second mom. I saw her at the wedding but that of course was a busy time. Another precious afternoon.

The weather was 56 so I took Emma out several times too. Tomorrow maybe 60? The back yard though still snow and icy due to the shade. I can't wait till we get a chair for my front yard. We stopped at Target but I forgot to check for one. i guess I will sit on the step a bit tomorrow with Emma to soak up some sun. Today I had heat off, windows open for fresh air, and gosh it was nice. Emma was quick to nap when we got home and I rested. Not sure why I couldn't fall asleep like I normally do.

Last night was weird. Neighbors were noisey and I was restless about going to bed anyway. When I tried to go to bed at first i left the tv on and extra lights. Just anxious about being alone I guess. i just couldn't fall asleep and then for the first time ever ever in her life Emma would NOT go to bed with me. Instead she wanted to be in the living room??? Unbelievable.

She would come in and then leave right away. Well then i couldn't sleep. Finally I got up. I turned the tv off, made the lighting just like if Greg was home. Then I mussed up his side of the bed. hard to explain but when she and I go to bed (normally before he comes in) she likes to snuggle into the comforter. Even when he comes to bed he is warm so she gets most this blanket (I can wash it so I don't mind). So instead of the all near side of the made bed I messed it up. Well she hopped right in.

Finally we both fell asleep. She even slept till almost 9 - this the dog that normally is our alarm clock to eat around 7 am. She doesn't bug us but gets up so excited. You hear her tail wagging away hitting the closet door as she waits for us to get up. Sometimes she will sniff or lick me. Today the phone woke us. Greg could make only a very brief call to tell us that he was doing okay.

tonight should be easier. I am use to being alone Sunday night. i watch silly shows like desperate housewives and head to bed normally before Greg is in the door.

This day flew by unlike yesterday. It is so pretty out and you can hear so many birds too. I hope spring comes early. I suppose we will get snow again but it is March hip hip hooray for that.

News of the weird - I have been catching mice. Found one dead in my washing machine. It was tiny too - how did it climb in there?? Gosh was i shocked and grossed out.

Tonight I have to sort out my medication for three weeks of pill cases and prepare the list for refills. Sounds silly but that is a big task for me. I keep hoping I loose weight and also maybe take less meds - but can't do that going out to eat all the time. I had a salad for dinner and may have yogurt if needed later.

Hope your weekend went well. Mary and Emma
Emma is in such a fun mood today -

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