Saturday, March 14, 2009

We Went On A Date With My Son Danny

Emma and I went on a lunch date - with my son Danny. I have whined about Greg being out of town. Well Danny had time after a political meeting and called me. He took us to lunch. Seems like ages since I have been out. We went to Olive Garden and he even treated. Emma was excited too. She was puzzled though to be in his car. She is not in it often.

The funny thing is after lunch in the parking lot she kind of pulled just a little toward a van that looked like ours. I forget she knows the van we go to swimming in (we call it the MS Mobile) and our van. She was very responsive when I directed her to the car Dan drives.

It is just beautiful here. 48 degrees woo hoo. Yep in MN we celebrate that temperature and the sun. Lots of melting of snow. But my back yard is part shade so that is icy and wet and still snowy in parts. Dan gave me a reason to dress up more than in the house and to perk up. We were home in time for a rest. We went to the Olive Garden which I really like - I like Italian food. We had lots of yummy salad too.

I feel like Emma and I are like so eager to see what is outside. A new neighbor was walking his little boy while we were getting rready to get into the car so it was so good to say hello. I need a new chair that I will put in my front yard. That is the place to be able to greet neighbors when spring and summer come around. I use a flexi for Emma out there. Gosh have have I ever yearned so badly for spring?

Believe it or not I cried after Greg left. I know that sounds silly. I think knowing I can't drive, still getting over my health issues well it all makes me feel a bit lonely or vulnerable or when Dan called that was perfect. He had too much to do to stay and hang out but that was okay. I needed to rest and I don't want to be a drag on my kids. I am more emotional than normal today - I cried as I thanked Dan for lunch too. My kids remind me Greg will be back in just a week - I just will miss him being around I guess.

One of my chores tonight is to sort out my medication. Emma can't help with this - but i set it up for three weeks and then figure out what will need reordering. I take so much medicine for various things. A bummer but I review them with my doctors and it needs to be they think anyway. It takes some concentration to do this especially now with all the generics. Don't all the pills look so much the same? And I can't pronounce the names very well at all!! I have to have a system so that none get duplicated or forgotten.

Emma is keeping me company. I wonder how she will be at night. She noramlly plays with Greg about 10 pm and then goes out one last time. If he works late she gets weird and will display to me time to play by bringing a toy or nuzzling me. I know one thing she will enjoy having more of the bed herself. Boy did she hog it at nap time.

Sorry I suppose I will be more wordy since I don't have Greg here to jabber too. Hope we are not too boring. Emma is just great company. We did just a little laundry and picked up some newspapers (meaning she picked up - yeah Emma). Now if she could carry that bag to the trash??? Not to worry Dan did that for me also.

So we got to have a date with Dan - I prefer Danny and he doesn't seem to mind. There isn't much on tv tonight but we also have been listening to a book on tape as I am home here. Pillars of the Earth - so far interesting. My eyes are still jumpy so reading a book is not the best now. Thank goodness for my computer with big screen and big font and I do it partly from memory - so sorry for the typos.

Okay are your eyes tired? I am going to take Emma out again...glad I can take care of her and myself...and only a few more days on oxygen. It is at a lower level now and I still feel okay so that is good.

Have a good weekend --- Mary and Emma

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