Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tribute To My Irish Mother

I miss my Mother today and have cried a bunch about it.
My mother was Irish and darn proud of it. Her father was born in Ireland and darn proud of it.
My mother sang us Irish Tunes as we grew up.
She liked her a beer or a drink sometimes like the Irish.
She liked St. Patrick's Day!!

So today my siblings and I miss her in a special way.
I recall she made this day special each year.
Of course we wore green, had a special meal, and enjoyed the day.

One of the things I thought of is that it is through my mother that I learned to love dogs so much.
Our first dog was when I was 10 and a gift to my mother.
My mother had dogs the rest or her life. They lived long happy lives. She had one till she was about 80.
When she was older she and a neighbor dog lover became neighborhood snoops about dogs.
One neighbor kept there dog outside and didn't pay much attention so my mother and her friend would walk over to give that dog water when needed.
She would mention to the owner about the dog.
We sometimes worded as sadly my mother's neighborhood went badly down hill.
We wondered if it was safe for my mom to be so outspoken (though a little lady) with some of the neighbors.
Yet no dog was going to be neglected if my mother could do anything about it.
That was for sure.

She said in her later years her dog was everything to her. She would say they had such good conversations. It gave her a reason to be sure to walk. She also lectured at church and practiced her readings aloud to the dog.

I believe my mother is in heaven. I wonder if she sees how my dog Boomer and now my Wonderful Emma have brightened my life?

My Mom died in March - she loved spring. She had Parkinson's and the last five years were very hard for her and she declined so in ability but she didn't complain. Now how I miss her. I wish I could have even one more day with her. I wish I could again thank her for all she did for me - though I think I did that in her last years. She loved my kids and I think she would be so proud to see them all now too.

I am sorry this sounds sad but it is also Happy and Grateful - I had Anna to talk to about my mom today. MY Anna was born just a few months after my Dad died and was extra special to my mother. They had a special bond. So that was so nice today to have Anna here. I miss her but say thanks Lord for my mother...

Here is the touching poem we found that my Grandmother had written for my mother - it was read at her funeral where I did the Eulogy

To My Daughter
Mrs. Dan Roche (Lorraine’s mother)

On this great feast of mother and child,
My life can hold no greater bliss
Then to behold my daughter’s smile,
Clasp her hand and feel her kiss.

Our hears are light this Christmas time;
All shadow of the cross shall fade.
We’ll smile with the Virgin Mother and child,
And face the future unafraid.

Then if God should call me first
And leave you her yet awhile
Then you glance at my picture, dear,
Breathe a prayer for me, and smile.

I know that you will pray, and still
Carry on until you’ve won
All for the Glory of God, until
You’ll say with love, “Thy will be done!”

Then on the feast of mother and child
We’ll meet again with infinite bliss;
Again I’ll see my daughter smile.
Clasp your hand and feel your kiss

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