Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Puppies

Another gray day - where did the Sun go?

I will be at the Women's Getaway this Weekend in downtown Mpls with Emma and my roommate Karen. Won't that be fun?
I need to finish some laundry tonight.

We went to the family doctor for blood work and then to the pool for water exercise. The pool was closed and we were all so bummed. Someone had thrown up in the pool. So Greg, who dropped me off took me to work with him. Then we went to the MS Specialist Offic.

Dr. Calkwood was very thorough and helpful. I am going to have some physical therapy to see if that helps my weakness in my limbs. We are adjusting a medication to see if it helps my pain level. That is our first step.

He was shocked by my breathing. He could hear me struggle I guess. Next week I see the diabetes specialist and now I also need to make an appointment with my lung specialist.

I was tired so a big nap was in order.

A bright spot new puppies. Here is the site - for more information

Emma and I had a busy but okay day.

I will try to write tomorrow before we leave --- Mary and Emma

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