Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Little Things

Today we had a visitor. Tonya came over and that was nice to chat and have company. Tomorrow we go to the doctor. i think I am getting stronger though I still get worn out. I expect good news at the doctor. It is bright and early at 8 am.

We have discovered we have a mouse in the house...can there be just one? Greg sighted it and then another time Tonya and I saw it. Hopefully we can trap the little creature. Gosh Emma did not mind a bit. My cats may or may not have caught it but definitely would have given it a run for the money. We though we had escaped having mice this winter but normally both our neighbors and we get them despite our efforts. Didn't phase Emma at all.

Based on tracks, we think we have deer in our tree line and maybe a bird of some kind. Emma does at times bark at something outdoors. We have to change her focus but have noted tracks in the snow. I think she would have loved hunting if she was not a service dog but who knows?

Emma and I can't wait to resume a normal routine and get out of the house. I am hoping the doctor will say I can go back to water exercise if i take it slow to build up my strength. I miss the exercise and the time with my friends. Greg will be gone next week on a Mission Trip so I know getting out of the house would be good for me. Also my kids will be stopping by as their schedules allow - i hope anyway. If I get out for exercise that will be really good for my mental health too.

Emma is glad I am more alert and we played a bit in the house. I watch her from the patio door as she played in the back. She seemed please it was "me" and not just others handling this part of our day. I can throw toys for her to fetch or I just watch her scamper around. She stops often to look at me as if to be sure all is well. We had a nice day today.

I did a few dishes, had Emma help me do laundry (she takes clothes out of the basket and hands them to me) - we did not do tons but got a bit back to normal. Funny how grateful a person can be to be able to do the little things in life.

SO that is our thought for the day - be glad for the little things of your daily life...

Emma and Mary hope you have a good day on Friday -

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