Friday, March 20, 2009

Emma My Helper

Emma the helper picking up a stirring spoon I dropped. Yes in the kitchen when I drop things she is right there. I have difficulty maintaining a grasp on things especially if tired. Emma is there ready to help me out. Dish cloth? Anything she will eagerly grab for me. Her favorite she likes to pick up key rings. Not sure why this really gets her attention maybe the noise.

She is also my napping budding though she is on this pillow/bed on the floor even when I am awake. Her place to stretch out. She often though stays awake with an eye on me in case I need anything.

It is very windy today and she stops to smell the air. For some reason she wasn't as eager to actually run for a ball or anything. I think the lawn in bag still is a bit soggy - does she notice that? I can't wait for the grass to turn green and nice spring then summer days to be outdoors together. She sure enjoys our back yard and the fact that it is fenced makes it nice for all of us.

Tonight she is going to spend a few hours alone. She won't fit with the rest of us in my son's car. I think she will handle it ok but it sure is not often that she is alone in the house. I imagine she mostly sleeps??

I have a Dr appt to see if the oxygen level is okay without being on additional oxygen. I expect a good report. My son and family are taking me to Target to pick up a few groceries and things too. Then we will eat together...if it isn't too late they are taking the girls swimming at the community center. Not sure if I will have the energy to go along. Otherwise they might either go alone or stay here and hang out here, In any case it should be a nice evening.

Emma has been just so mellow today. We have rested a lot. I have a book to finish for book club, we have napped, and just taken it easy.

Hope your Friday is going/went well. Tomorrow Spring begins - rain is predicted here. Greg comes home very late Sat night if all goes well on the long bus ride home...Yeah for that.

Mary and Eamm

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