Thursday, March 19, 2009

Breathing on Room Ait

A day without extra oxygen. Can you see how big those silver containers are? They take up room. Then the portable tanks on wheels - one used to get home from the hospital. There is a smaller portable container too but I didn't add that. I go to the doctor tomorrow and if the test is okay then I can be done with the extra oxygen - I sure am hoping for that.

Today we did go to water exercise. Emma was so excited when i said we are gong in the car she almost fell down the stairs! She took off so fast. For those who wonder I have Emma go down the stairs first and then I follow. I want to hang on to the railing and the wall so do not go down with her on a leash. That works for us.

Emma was the hit of the show among my friends, the Y staff and volunteers who help us in class. I could tell i was so much weaker than normal. I had to stop midway through and sit on the step in the water. Then I got up and did some more gentle things. I will work on it and hopefully get back to where I was. But it was great to be in the water...just wonderful.

We came home and needed a nap of course. Tonight a friend is coming and we are going to dinner. Girls night out (we usually go as couples) so it will be interesting.

Emma helped with some laundry today though I tired so there is a bit more to do. She just loves when I get the laundry basket out and she hands items to me to fold. A great skill for a working dog to have. Also i did the funniest thing - we came home from swimming and I fed Emma. I said "here is your lunch" - of course being a lab she was delighted. It even took about five minutes for me to think - what am I doing Emma doesn't eat lunch!!! I have never done such a thing....what was I thinking???

I ordered some clothes online today. We will see what I think when they arrive. Women Within had items on sale/clearance so I thought I would take advantage of it.

Also I will never ever take for granted how nice it is to breathe room air and not need extra oxygen...

Well better go get ready - Emma and Mary wish you a good day.

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