Monday, March 2, 2009

Nurse Emma

Tomorrow we have an appt to see Mary's lung specialists and have some breathing tests done. If things get worse before then we will have to go to Urgent Care or ER depending how this goes.

Mary is optimistic that we can hang in there till tomorrow.
She is resting all the time as any exertion makes her cough and then her chest hurts and she needs the inhaler or nebulizer medications to improve her air flow.

I am at her side. Greg gets to be home earlier than planned tonight and I was able to cancel some things tomorrow to take her to the dr. The specialist prefered I come there rather that the family dr this time. The family dr was full till wed anyway.

We are trying to take good care of her.

Mary said even when she was a little girl she never just had a cold. She always ended up with bronchitis or other problems. Trying to get enough air flow seems worse though this past year.

Ya wantta bet she comes home with an antibiotic and cough medication that is a prescription?

I am not even playing in the yard when they let me out to go to the bathroom. I do my duty and race back into be by Mary. Sometimes I don't even do my business when I see and hear Mary coughing at the patio door I raced back in. Normally I go on cue but that is tough when i am worried about her.

Mary says I am the best nurse ever. I have good bedside manner whatever that is.


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