Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baseball? It won't be long...

Baseball - I have a friend in Florida that is seeing the MN Twins play there spring season. I heard they were on tv Sunday so I better check their site to see when I can see on tv or hear them on the radio. I really like baseball. This is a picture when Emma and I went and sat in the cheap seats handicap section. Emma was very good and there was lots of room for her.

Now I have been spoiled and been able to go to the better seats a few times each season. I am such a fan but normally my up front seat is in front of the tv or listening while I do house chores!! Another warm day so yes again MN citizens are happy. I read in one blog that instead of "snow days" they should have "spring days" and let people take off work or school for the first days of spring. We get so excited are minds are outside anyway.

Anna was here overnight and today. I just love having her here. She is my oldest and so good with Emma. She has cats in her apartment but maybe someday she will own a dog too. She is just the greatest with Emma. I slept better having her here. We both rested today in the afternoon while the cleaning woman worked on our house. The cleaning woman said the house was cleaner than normal to start with - I think that was a compliment??? Anyway than she did a little more polishing and a few extra things during her time here which was nice. It looks so great when she is done that I feel like I don't want to touch anything, eat anything - if only it was that clean every minute of every day. But of course you start living so things have to be used.

Becky and Justin are coming for dinner. We are just having the pizza you pick up and then bake on your own. We all wanted it simple. Then Anna will go home. I did not nap as long today though hoping Emma and I could sleep even if alone.

It is going to be a bit cooler and more like normal as the week goes on. So maybe I will get back to normal rather than have spring fever? Who knows.

I am writing twice today - Mary and Emma

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