Sunday, March 22, 2009

Greg Is Home

Emma was delighted to have Greg walk in the door...yes she did her puppy dance as we call it. Judy knows what I mean.

Today we slept late, and then went out to Fleet Farm to get some things. I got so exhausted as i walk there . You have to promise your soul almost to get a scooter there and wait in line at customer service too. I have found the help rude the times I have tried that step. Well I needed to walk and we didn't do the whole store so that was okay. It just got a little hot too.

So home I went for a nap. Rosa woke me with hugs and sloppy kisses. We watched her for a few hours. For Christmas we had purchased a gift certificate so my children and spouses could go to supper together. No parents and no kids. It sounds like they had a good time. They all stopped back at our house for awhile.

Tomorrow if don't write - don't worry. We have book club and are going out to lunch for a member of book club's birthday. Then I will need a nap for sure. We hope the entire game will be coming here for shrimp that Greg brought back from New Orleans.
I guess the heads are on and I don't plane to see that. I promised to help with side dishes though. Dan might have to work late so not sure on him..

Despite all these good things I had trouble feeling depressed and being in tears and not knowing why? Hormones? I am so silly sometimes. I hope I can put worries to bed and get a good nights sleep tonight. I slept so good last night with Greg at home.
It was comical though to show Emma she could not lay in his side of the bed. She looked so puzzled but did follow direction and got off the bed. (She came on because at first it was just the two of us) Once Greg was snug in bed we let her jump on board and lay at my feet like normal. I don't mind at all. But I know if we wanted we could get her to sleep on her bed.

So Book Club will be fun though a smaller turn out than normal. This time a book i heard most people did not like. IT is called Jim the Boy and very slow moving. So many people told me they didn't like it and several told me they couldn't even finish it. Now in all these years that has never happened.

We have been mtg since 2004 and have had many many great books - but you do like some more than others.

Off to bed it is 10:35 pm in my time zone

Mary and Emma wish you a Happy Monday

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