Sunday, March 8, 2009

Feeling Better

We already were up and then took a morning nap. My husband has been busy cooking, putting laundry away and grocery shopping before he goes to work. I am resting as he works away. He has made wild rice soup for work (and I get some) and roast beef for sandwiches here. Also helped me get dressed, showered etc. He is going to be tired before he gets to work where he has many meetings. He will leave by 1 or so.

My friend Tonya is headed over with her daughter. My daughter Becky and her husband are my next shift. Then Mike and his family will eat supper with me and bring Anna who is going to stay overnight. Can you believe all the activity. Greg and doctors don't want me alone much for a few days.

So Emma also will be glad. Tonya's daughter, Becky, Mike, and Anna will all take time taking Emma outside or for a walk. I have her favorite toy ready for some play time.

I need to go rest up - I sit most the time while awake now. Still need that oxygen to feel okay.

Thanks for cards, email, phone calls of support. We are optimistic.

Mary and Emma wish you a good day. Emma is doing just fine.

Mary and Emma

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