Saturday, March 7, 2009

No Place Like Home


Oh did I sleep better in my own bed without the hospital noises....good to be home from the hospital. Greg is helping me a lot as i can't do much. Just using oxygen, resting, and taking all my medications. He has arranged so I won't be alone at all today. My son Danny is coming to be here for awhile. Greg has some errands to do for his work. tomorrow he works a long day but we have a friend and my daughter Becky coming part of the day.

My son Michael is battling a cold too, Anna has one but hers is better she says. They would come over but we don't want to share germs right now.

I am glad for the support of friends and family. Emma has been very helpful. I think she is really glad to be home from the hospital though she did great there. My husband is working so hard to get her outside with him, take care of the house and manage things for his work too.

I still need help walking, and with oxygen, dressing, showering etc but gosh it feels so good to be home. The care at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids was outstanding however. All the rooms are single rooms so that is nice. The staff was awesome.

Better Go Lie Down Again, thanks for the cards, phone calls, emails - your the best

Mary and Emma

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