Monday, March 30, 2009

MS Society MN Chapter

Through the MS Society MN Chapter - Emma and I get to participate in many things.

Book Club
Couples Getaway (missed this year due to illness)
Educational Events
Water Exercise
Women's Getaway
Yearly Convention

I can't begin to capture the many ways it makes it easier for me to deal with this disease!!! The support, the education, the relationships I form all help me. Through the office you can abtain

help from social workers
lending library
programs for equipment rental for flare ups (wheel chairs etc)
financial assistance for help with medical supply purchase (schooters, wheel chairs, safety railings)

There are just so many things.

Like everyone the MS Chapter is experience the financial impact of this bad economy. Fund raising is more important than ever. Some of the money goes right into research to hope our children, grandchildren don't have to deal with this disease. A cure or more help dealing with symptoms is a constant goal.

If you would like to help support the walk I invite you to support my friends Jan and Brian Hunke. They are riding the MS 150. I can't afford much but I bet if you can afford $5-25 contribution it will add up. No amount is to small and you can contribute on line the site is

I think you can cut and paste it into your browser. Otherwise feel free to email me at and I will forward information to you. I know you might know people walking or running in events this summer.

5 weeks till we go to camp - thanks for considering this donation. Note this is for the MS Society. I will post shortly how you can donate to Helping Paws May event fundraiset too.

Thanks for thinking about it no amount is too small - Mary and Emma

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